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The rapid growth in the I.T sector has brought with it massive changes in various related fields. One of the fields churning with opportunities without doubt is in webspace. KenSewe Hosting and Webdesign Services Guarantees Professionalism and Reliabilty 24/7. We offer spectacular deals when it comes to hosting, domain registration and web-design amongst other things related to the aforementioned.

If you are new to hosting and other stuff like that, then please exhale any worries, uncertainties or inadequacies concerning web space stuff and inhale freedom as that is what we will essentially be giving you. We shall be with you all step of the way explaining each step clearly and in plain english. Welcome.

Setting Up a New Website?

Setting up a new website is easy and pain free. Follow our simple 3 step plan for a great website in minutes.

  1. Register your domain (e.g www.newsite.com)
  2. Get a hosting account like those featured above
  3. Upload your website to the hosting account

A Little About Us

We have been in webdesign and hosting industry for a about 6 years, gaining experience and expertise along the way. Ultimately we have conquered the design and hosting domain. Bringing out the best in your website at all times

As a tradition we like websites to be as effective and as simple as possible. Come to us with any design idea you have and we shall make that a reality! Try us today!

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  • 99% Uptime

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